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Find A Course That's Right For You

We aim to have a course to suit most creative sewers!
We appreciate that everyone's situation is different and offer a range of courses of different intensities and timescales. 


Full CourseBecome a Qualified Handmade Kiltmaker 

26 week classroom learning.

One day per week in class tuition | 15-30 hours of homework per week.

Our full course is a layered qualification to provide students with regular and structured experience as part of the Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers family:

While some may wish to complete only the first level of EKA full course training, attending the course so you may make a kilt for loved ones or your own clients, we also encourage our students to continue on to the second level of kiltmaking training. This includes 52 weeks practical supervised experience with GNK/EKA Kiltmakers while you work on GNK kilts following successful completion of your EKA course training.

- Previous hand-sewing experience is essential.

- You will tailor 6 kilts using different tartans and tweeds with varying pleating styles and difficulties.

- Ideal first step for textile graduates or practiced sewers to explore the industry in Scotland's capital.

Dates - Full courses commence in 2022: Week beginning 5th September

Teaching Days to choose from (depending on availability): Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  A Saturday class has now been added due to demand.

Please register your interest in preferred days when making your application.

Finish week ending 31st March 2023.

Christmas break - Last days 16th, 19th, 20th and Wed 21st December, Returning Friday 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th January

Cost: £1550 (Includes some materials - more details following successful application) (2022)


Introductory Course - Create One Kilt for You or a Loved One

9 days in class – (the first Friday will be a work at home day)

Previous hand-sewing experience needed to keep pace with the course.


Proposed Dates identified as available for these courses (will run depending on levels of interest):  

August 8th to 19th 

Please register your interest for your preferred date in your application.

Cost: £750 + cost of cloth which can be purchased from EKA (2022)

EKA Visitor's Workshop - Give kiltmaking a go!

Half Day in class

You will make a fun-sized kilt ideal for a teddy bear.   An enjoyable introduction to kiltmaking where you will learn the basics of what goes into making kilts. 

Materials for the wee kilt will be supplied.

These events will run depending on the level of interest so please note your interest now!

Cost: £85


We also host a number of other courses for qualified kiltmakers who are looking to advance their skillset.

Advanced Courses - Advanced Course For Qualified Kiltmakers

Military Box Pleat:

- Learn how to create a military box pleat handsewn kilt and get to grips with the differences between military and knife pleat kiltmaking

- An advanced course for already qualified kiltmakers to expand their skills

- Runs over three weekends - six full days of teaching - dates depending on interest.

Cost: £475 + Fabric cost, which can be purchased from EKA (2022)



- Learn how to assess kilts for alterations and undertake a kilt shortening, apron adjustment or swap, or a complete kilt remake

- EKA can provide kilts for alterations or you can supply your own

- Exclusively for EKA trained kiltmakers.


May 30th to June 3rd

August 1st to 5th  

Please register your preferred date with your EKA tutor.


Cost: £475 (2022)


Course fees listed, subject to change depending on year*