Kirsty Kinnear & Emma Wilkinson

Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy courses are taught by EKA Alumni themselves! 

Kirsty and Emma are exceptionally passionate and well practiced in handmade kiltmaking. They never stop learning and strive to make skill sharing in the kiltmaking industry the norm, in a bid to give handmade kiltmaking a strong and secure future with each and every kilt made to the highest standard.

Kirsty Kinner

Head of The Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy, Tutor & Kiltmaker

Kirsty has made wonderful developments to the kiltmaking courses here at EKA. But, to go back to the beginning of her journey - Kirsty trained at the Academy herself, looking to forge a new career away from the office and working with her hands - the thing she'd always loved to do. Taking to kiltmaking immediately, Kirsty soon qualified and began working as a kiltmaker, quickly being asked back to run the course. 

Kirsty is responsible for some of the best kiltmakers you could possibly find. Her patience and commitment to her students is a huge attribute to EKA and all those who study here. Kirsty never stops learning herself and developing elements of the course - the mark of a great teacher. She has led EKA from strength to strength, offers ongoing support to students, alumni and kiltmakers looking for advice. It's thanks to Kirsty's hard work and passion for kiltmaking, that EKA now offers the most comprehensive kiltmaking course in the world!

Emma Wilkinson

Tutor & Kiltmaker

Emma came to EKA as a student in 2018 following achieving a First Class degree in Textiles from The University of Edinburgh. Her extensive knowledge of textiles, award-winning sewing skills and passion for history and heritage led Emma straight to kiltmaking. She is the first and only Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Scholar for Kiltmaking - charged with upholding excellence in British craftsmanship, Emma used her scholarship funding to study at EKA and aimed to raise the standard of kiltmaking to new heights while looking to preserve this special heritage craft for the future. Emma graduated from EKA in early 2019 and simply never left, working as a kiltmaker at Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers ever since.

In 2020, EKA expanded, and Emma joined Kirsty as a tutor. Her passion for the craft, her infectious enthusiasm for all things kilts and tartan past and present and her commitment to skills sharing truly motivates our students!

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