Morag - Class of 2018/19

"After speaking to a kilt maker at a friend's wedding and even though I had never done any sort of dressmaking I thought that it sounded like a good idea to learn. After an Internet search I found EKA. 


Unfortunately I had missed the open day for finding out more about the course and the skills test. However Kirsty asked if I could come in that weekend for the chat & skills test, and if so she was willing to accommodate me. The following Friday I started the course. 


I'm not the easiest person to teach as some things stick straight away & some thing just don't! So on a few occasions I end up asking the same question multiple times. Kirsty was patient with me & I never felt rushed or that I was a bother for asking for help, even if it was something that had already been covered. 


I loved the course & was happy to be able to continue to make kilts after the course was finished. I like the social aspect of sewing with others on a weekly basis on the drop in days and hope that it will be something that will restart after the pandemic."

Mathilde - Class of 2020/21 

“When I moved to Scotland back in 2018, I was dreaming of learning to make kilts, which have always fascinated me. I love the complexity and endless possibilities of it, while still being a traditional garment with its own codes and History, as well as the fact that it is deeply rooted in traditional craftsmanship and tightly linked with the Scottish textile industry. I am very grateful and proud to be part of the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy and it is already exceeding my expectations (which were really high!) We are learning so much every week, and being filled with the joy of learning something really special and precious. I cannot wait to keep learning and seeing my kiltmaking skills grow and hopefully reach the high standards of Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers.”

Rachel - Class of 2020/21 

"During a long career in science, I began to realise that what made me truly happy was making things, using my hands.  I started to think about kiltmaking after a conversation, about 10 years ago, with an older kiltmaker.  It was only when I realised that it was time to leave my job, that I started looking for somewhere to learn how to make kilts: and I found Gordon Nicholson and the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy.  It’s taken some time, but here’s hoping I might have finally found my thing."

Rose - Class of 2020/21 

"As a weaver, I've always been kept busy with how to design and construct cloth. So much so, I've never really explored what happens off the loom! I've been working with the talented GNK family as a fashion model for almost 2 years, and the Kiltmakers academy has always been a dream. I'm delighted I did decide to take on this new role and push myself to learn this valued, historical skill. I aspire to become one of (hopefully) many in the next generation of Kiltmakers, dedicated to upholding tradition today."

Jonathan - Class of 2020/21 

“I have grown a strong interest in tartans and kilts since I moved to Scotland. I am fascinated by the engineering of the kilt and how we can fashion such a beautiful garment out of a single long piece of cloth.
As I am curious by nature, I decided to join the Academy to learn more about this valuable and precious craftsmanship and, hopefully, be part of the young generation who dedicates their time and energy to save and nurture this legacy. Learning kiltmaking fulfills me in many aspects, as I use both my hands and mind to create a wonderful and sustainable garment made out of natural fibers that will last a lifetime. These aspects mean a lot to me and I can't be more enchanted by the character of it. I am delighted to be part of this amazing adventure: my journey as a kiltmaker has just started and I have learnt and achieved so much already!”

Aurora - Class of 2020/21 

“After graduating university last year with a degree in Sound and Music for Video Games, I've had a real calling to return to working with my hands. Ever since I was a wee girl I've loved learning all kinds of crafts; beading, embroidery, crochet, knitting and dressmaking. I decided to join the course because I have a long family history of working with textiles, and a love for hand sewing. So far, I'm loving the course and I'm looking forward to making many more kilts in the future!”

Alex - Class of 2020/21 

"I moved to Edinburgh two years ago to move in with my partner.

I'm doing the course because I couldn't think of a better way to make some Scottish roots in my new hometown and meet some like minded women.

Rob (my partner) served in the Black Watch for over twenty years and wore a kilt nearly every day so I want to make him a special handsewn kilt with love one for our wedding..... after covid! 

I have loved every minute of the course so far."

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