Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy

Raising the Standard

Our Courses

  • 9 days spent in class

  • Create one Kilt for you or a loved one

  • Become a Qualified Handmade Kiltmaker 

    Over 26 weeks, 22 classroom learning days.

    One day per week in class tuition | 15-30 hours of homework per week.

Advanced Courses

  • Alterations

    Learn how to assess kilts for alteration and undertake a kilt shortening, apron adjustment or swap, or a complete kilt remake

  • Military Roll Pleat

    Learn how to create a military roll pleat handsewn kilt and get to grips with the differences between military and knife pleat kiltmaking

Visitor's Workshop 

Give pleating a go!

Discover the magic behind the pleats in a kilt. 

Learn how to recognise tartan 'setts' and how to achieve different pleating styles.  Practice hand sewing a pleat then make a fun-sized concept kilt ideal for a teddy bear.   A fun introduction to some of the skills needed in kiltmaking.

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