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Learn The Art Of Kiltmaking
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We Are

Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy


Raising The Standard


Founded by Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers in 2016, the goal behind the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy was simple - Standardise the practice of kiltmaking to the highest possible level and secure the future of handmade kilts.

For too long the standard of this hand craft had been slipping - there was no telling what quality of kilt a customer would receive and those with the knowledge of kiltmaking were reluctant to shout about it, despite the demand for handmade kilts growing. 

Gordon Nicolson devised EKA in a bid to keep the skill going, bring it out of the shadows and train up new, talented kiltmakers who would set the standard.

Now, through EKA training, kiltmakers can confidently and consistently create the best quality hand sewn kilts for each and every customer. A new generation of kiltmakers is successfully being trained and the skill upheld at the highest level, ensuring a solid future for this beautiful craft.

Kiltmaking has had a long, dramatic and exciting history which EKA is very proud to uphold, teach to our students and be a wee part of.

Becoming an Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy student isn't just about learning how to confidently make kilts from start to finish (although...okay, that is the aim of the game). It's about gaining a wider knowledge of the craft too! 


It's time to start shouting about kiltmaking - how handmade kilts are created and the people behind them as they get to grips with the ins and outs of the craft. Watch as the Class of 2020/21 let us follow their learning progress from enthusiastic beginners to professional kiltmakers. 

Hear from the past few years wonderful students - learn about what brought them to EKA, what they learnt, how they found their experience and their plans for the future!

"I was still working in the finance industry when I first saw the article in the Scotsman that a kiltmaking course was about to start.

I kept the newspaper cutting and after I retired I started the course in September 2018 and it has been the best thing I've ever done. The course was well structured and although there was only 3 of us on the Tuesday session we soon formed a team and had fun whilst learning from Kirsty, our patient and supportive teacher.

The course didn't just stop when I qualified though as there has always been ongoing help especially when trying to pleat up a difficult tartan!

I've continued to make kilts for Gordon Nicolson and have been so thankful to have learned this skill which has seen me through not just the pandemic but also a personal health issue.


Thank you EKA!" - Rachel, Class of 2018/19

We proudly uphold the craft of handsewn kiltmaking!

We are more than happy to consider the applications of hobbyists looking for a new skill, professionals looking to expand their knowledge, kiltmakers looking to refresh their skills and those looking for a career change.

EKA runs a variety of extremely comprehensive courses perfect for different skill levels and time frames.


Certificates of qualification are issued on successful completion of the Full Course only, proving you are a fully qualified handmade kiltmaker with knowledge of making, theory, measuring, history and a great understanding of tartan too. 

Read through Course Details, Apply, Fees and Studio Safety to find the course that's right for you!


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