• How much hand sewing experience do you need for the course? You need to have experience of hand sewing basic stitches. You should know how to control a sewing needle.
  • What is expected at interview. Interviews are very informal and can be held on a 1to1 basis or in groups with an EKA colleague. You will be asked about your sewing experience, your interest in kilts and to complete a short sewing and pleating skills test.
  • I need to make 6 kilts on the Full Course. Do I need to pay for the tartan for all those kilts? No. The kilts made remain the property of GNK and will join the kilt hire stock, unless you make a kilt for yourself or someone you know then you will need to purchase the cloth, but the tartan you use will need to meet the criteria needed for course fulfilment.
  • Do I need to pay for the Tartan I use on the Introductory Course. Yes. Students will make their kilt for themselves or a loved one so must purchase the cloth.
  • Is VAT included in the price of the Visitor Workshop? Yes it is.




If you think kiltmaking is for you,or have any further questions, please get in touch!